"Women don't need to be empowered, they are powerful. They need the tools to accept, connect with, and
realize their power."

Heidi Alexander 

Pink Executives Exists to Elevate Professional Women

Connect with likeminded women leaders across roles, functions, and industries to broaden your knowledge, expand your network, and create transformation.

Benefit from a safe space and the expert support you need, to overcome challenges and create your own transformation from within. 

Together, we re-write the narrative around women in corporate. 



It is our mission to enable women to stand in their power, access their true potential, and achieve more than they thought possible. In short: be unapologetically successful.


Through coaching and training, women learn how to craft their powerful self into an undeniable presence that enables them to be unapologetically successful and achieve more than they thought possible. 


Our vision is to create a world where gender and race are not discussion points any more, because they don't need to be.  A world of inclusion, where opportunity is available, without limitation, to those who choose to take it. 

Meet Heidi Alexander

Founder & CEO

Structured ✦ Analytical ✦ Flexible ✦ Creative ✦ Non-judgmental



. . . what she is talking about.

 A former attorney at law, Heidi Alexander spent 17 years working in male-dominated work environments.  From teams that felt like family, to the most hostile work environments, Heidi has seen it all. Either one can be tricky!

When Heidi entered the corporate world, she was not only a lawyer, but also a certified spiritual and psychological life coach.  Further, she had taken postgraduate courses in behavioral psychology, communication, cross-cultural communication, and conflict management, and had spent two years with an international metaphysical teacher, studying metaphysics and the collective consciousness.  

Her background put her in a unique position.  She could see 'behind' people's behaviors, ineffective women initiatives, and the negative consequences thereof.

While she loved her job and enjoyed a very successful career, she eventually realized that her true passion was to elevate the lives and careers of professional women and to change the narrative around women in corporate. She went on to study the neuroscience of leadership, organizational behavior, and organizational change, and founded Pink Executives. 

HEIDI HAS . . . 

. . . the expertise you are
looking for. 

Heidi Alexander brings over 20 years of experience in leadership, executive coaching, and organizational behavior to her role as trusted partner in individual and organizational change.  

Heidi is an ICF credentialed executive coach and expert in neuroscience and positive psychology. She offers a variety of assessment methods and instruments to support people's growth.

Heidi holds a M.S. in Leadership and Organizational Development (summa cum laude) and a dual master's level degree in Law and in 'Business Administration and Economics'.  In addition, she holds certificates in communication, negotiation, and conflict management.  Heidi is also a Blanchard Certified Leadership Coach, a certified Mindful Change Coach, and a certified Psychological and Spiritual Life Coach.

Heidi has lived on three continents and has worked with people in 191 countries. Her work is truly transformational.

All of Heidi's expertise and experience come to life in Pink Executives.  

Through Pink Executives, Heidi elevates the lives and careers of professional women by showing them how to create an undeniable presence that enables them to be unapologetically successful and achieve more than they thought possible. She teaches women new perspectives and enables them to access new/hidden pathways that support their excellence. She provides women with the tools and strategies they need to be effective and create results.  

All Pink Executive Coaches are ICF certified and have gone through a rigorous vetting process. 

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